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An all-in-one data bridge

Transfer: Wirelessly & securely transfers files

Back up: Incremental backup triggers when placed on qico pad

Charge: Simultaneously & Wirelessly charges your smartphone


Automatic incremental backup of videos/photos/contacts from phone to PC

Two-way file transfers between the phone and PC

iOS and Android Compatible

Completely Wireless and Secure: no internet required

Share content/link between phone and PC

Copy texts from PC and paste on phone, and vice versa

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qico enables two way transfer of files between your Smartphone and PC:

- Transfer images, videos, documents, texts etc seamlessly and wirelessly.
- Files are encrypted during transfer to maintain your privacy and security.
- Select the transfer destination for instant ease and organization.
- Once activated by resting the smartphone on the qico pad, the transfer continues even when the smartphone not on the pad.
- Transfer also continues when smartphone is in use or when fully charged.

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Easy, Wireless, with Privacy

Just one action to wirelessly charge phone and automatically back up!

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Personalize customizable LED color and three-mode configuration indicating: stand-by, transferring & back up and charging

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